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Wisconsin Canoe Heritage Day is from 10AM to 4PM on Sat May 27, 2017 at the WCHM

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Here in the northland, Memorial Day weekend often signifies the start of summer. For the volunteers in Spooner, Wisconsin, operating the Wisconsin Canoe Heritage Museum (WCHM), it means opening day of their museum and the festivities of Wisconsin Canoe Heritage Day. So proclaimed by the Wisconsin State Legislature in 2010, the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend is always to be Wisconsin Canoe Heritage Day.


So this year, on Saturday May 27, the Wisconsin Canoe Heritage Museum will continue this tradition. From 10:00 am to 4:00 pm there will be the annual canoe and wooden boat show on the street in front of the former grain elevator turned museum, tours and open house in the museum exhibit hall, ongoing activities in the canoe workshop, plus live music and food and beverage available in the beer garden. The public is invited to this free event at 312 N Front Street in Spooner, Wisconsin.

Where To Find Us

Wisconsin Canoe Heritage Day will be from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday May 27th, 2017. The public is invited to this free event at 312 N Front Street in Spooner, Wisconsin. There will be  museum tours and open house, a canoe and wooden boat show, canoe shop demonstrations, live music, plus food and beverage in the beer garden. 

For more information call 715-635-2479 or write to 

For nearby motel lodging we recommend Spooner Riverplace at 715-635-9770. For camping, travel, or other lodging information contact the Washburn County Tourism Association at 800-367-3306.

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The Canoe & Wooden Boat Show

Over twenty exhibitors are expected to provide a wide variety of canoes, boats, and canoe related materials of all types. Classic and modern, traditional and contemporary, for sale or just for show, it will all be on display in the street in front of this former grain elevator turned museum. Exhibitors might include individuals, commercial entities, non-profits, authors, government agencies, educators, crafters, and businesses whose products or services are relevant to boaters and wooden boats and canoes. 


Many of our exhibitors have already reserved space. Mike Knuth is coming from Duluth with his restored 16’ Thompson Brothers Indian model. Damian Wilmot is coming from Superior with a pre-1900 Joe Lucius canoe. Harold Blumer of Cumberland is bringing five newly restored wood canvas canoes, all for sale, including a 1918 17’ BN Morris, a 1912 18’ Old Town, a 1915 16’ Old Town, a 1924 16’ Old Town, and a 1935 17’ Old Town. And after missing a few years, Bill Stewart of Spooner is returning with his 16.5’ Salmon Wherry sail and rowboat with a 16’ mast. 


Do you have something you would like to exhibit? Exhibitor space is free for private, commercial, or non-profit exhibitors. And there is still time to register. You can download an exhibitor registration from at right, or contact us at 715-635-2479 or

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Live Music In The Beer Garden

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Meanwhile, out in the beer garden there will be live music on the “back porch” stage. Brave Cowboy returns as favorites from last year. Jason Rabuck on harmonica and guitar and Eric Schubring on banjo and guitar make up the duo Brave Cowboy. And like the character in Edward Abbey’s book, Brave Cowboy refuses to be branded, labeled, or fenced in by musical stereotypes. They provide an inspired and vibrant blend of folk, rock, blues, and originals. They will be joined this year by two other duos, Tom & Jed from Ashland and Olive Sings from Chippewa Falls. Here is a tentative schedule: 11:00 Tom & Jed, 11:40 Olive Sings, 12:30 Brave Cowboy, 1:30 Tom & Jed, 2:10 Olive Sings, 3:00 Brave Cowboy.

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Inside The Canoe Shop

Inside, the canoe shop will feature demonstrations on various wooden canvas canoe construction techniques. If you've got an idea and want to schedule a presentation in our canoe shop, contact Jed Malischke at

Inside The Exhibit Hall

While the festivities continue outside, our exhibit will be an open house for folks to wander through. You'll be able to see the museum’s new 2017 displays, as well as checking out past exhibits. Don't forget to stop in the gift store on your way out and support the museum with a souvenir purchase.

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